Beauty Looks Like—Dr. Christina Christian

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Meet Dr. Christina Christian, Educator, whose passion is to write research-based books designed to educate and empower parents to successfully socialize their children for healthy, stable adult living.  

We were excited to invite Dr. Christian to share her personal journey on the way to discovering “Beauty looks like ME!”

What does beauty look like to you? Beauty is being at peace with who you are… your body, mind, emotions, and passions!

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Tell us your journey to seeing beauty within yourself: Most of my adult life has been spent pursuing a longstanding definition of beauty. Namely, to be thinner. My narrow definition of beauty often resulted in me wearing “fashion-less” clothes that draped over my body. The only constant fashion goal that I had was to hide my body.  Thankfully, after surrounding myself with amazing, middle-aged women who fully embrace themselves as they are, I am learning to look at my body and embrace all the “beauty marks” that I once believed made me less attractive

What would you tell your 15-year-old self about what beauty looks like: If I could tell my 15 year old self anything, it would be: “It’s perfectly normal to love yourself completely and without apology!”

Dr. Christian

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