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Meet Philanthropist Iris Ivana Grant whose passion and life purpose is helping others discover their path to stewarding our humanity in a way that truly impacts lives.

We invited her to take us through her personal journey in discovering “Beauty looks like ME!”

What does beauty look like to you? Beauty is a spiritual construct of a persons' character and inner being. Beauty starts from within and then shines outwardly. I can appreciate the external attractiveness of others, but it is who they are inside, the depth of their heart, that last forever and affects me.

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Tell us your journey to seeing beauty within yourself: My journey to discovering internal beauty has been a series of tough survival and growth lessons that tested my inner ability to continue to love, listen and forgive. It has been an experiment of people judging me based on my external first. Before they talk to me, or know my name, they make assumptions as to who I am internally. Every mountain was a stepping stone to learning that my beauty is internal and I can never let the intent of others dim the light within me.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self about what beauty looks like: Don't turn down the volume to fit into the boxes that others have made for you to live in. Be aware of the true motives of others. Learn when others unintentionally deflect their issues on you. Don't internalize their beauty baggage. Just be you, love you, be comfortable being you...and shine.

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