Beauty Looks Like—Meshelle The Indie-Mom of Comedy

Meshelle HeaderMeet Meshelle The Indie-Mom of Comedy, Stand Up Comedienne/ Playwright/ Creative/ Social Justice Advocate/Womanist, whose passion and purpose is using the gift of laughter, story-telling and song to lift the hearts and minds of people; while unapologetically assuring women to relentlessly discover and re-discover what gives them joy and promotes their passion. Mothering and commitment are themes that inform Meshelle’s comedy and heightens her sensibility, yet the overarching womanist ideals of Alice Walker and other contemporary trailblazing women; dance throughout her performance art and social justice work. 

We invited Meshelle to take us through her personal journey in discovering “Beauty looks like ME!”Meshelle QuoteWhat does beauty look like to you? Beauty is subjective at best, as it can be experienced and seen. It is the glow from the face of an assured woman who has done the personal work to love herself and be intentional about self-care and self-love. Looking beautiful is as rich as behaving well and a willingness to remain teachable and kind to others no matter their station in life.

Tell us your journey to seeing beauty within yourself: As a young girl and woman it was often a clumsy and heavy-handed task of figuring out hair care and fashion options that complimented my aesthetic. Disastrous at times, I fell flat and felt uncomfortable in my own skin, yet never gave up on figuring out what made me feel beautiful inside and out. My truest understanding of beauty within came as I drew closer to GOD and believed what was said about ME from the teachings of GOD.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self about what beauty looks like: Beauty is a process of becoming fully yourself and being willing to re-discover and upgrade those behaviors that no longer serve your greater purpose. Love yourself even when you don’t like yourself, eventually your head will catch up with your heart. LOVE is the verb that beauty shines through.

MeshelleJoin Hiz Temple throughout the month of February as we celebrate Black History Month by showcasing beauty through the faces, stories and backgrounds of beautiful African American women. Our goal is to empower and inspire young black and brown girls to have a healthy response to the question “what does beauty look like?”

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