Beauty Looks Like —Tamala Bullard

Beauty Looks Like Me

We are so excited to introduce Tamala Bullard, Associate Director HR and our first beauty-ful lady of #BeautyLooksLikeME, Class of 2021.We invited her to take us through her personal journey in discovering “Beauty looks like ME!”

What does beauty look like to you? Beauty starts on the inside and is then revealed on the outside!!

Beauty Looks Like ME

Tell us your journey to seeing and saying beauty looks like you: As one who has low self esteem because I grew up comparing myself to others through my relationship with God I realized that he created me to be who I am and that he makes no mistakes. Beauty looks like me because I look like the image of God in all things! Beauty is self acceptance! Beauty is self love! Beauty is Me!!

Beauty Quote

How do you exude beauty on a daily basis? I exude beauty on a daily basis by eating healthy, working out, drinking water, self declarations, prayer and dress as if I am headed to the office!! 

What woman embodies your definition of beauty? On a personal level Miriam Melvin. 

What could you share with a young girl who struggles with seeing beauty in the mirror? I would look the young girl in her eyes and tell her what she sees daily is who God created her to be! I would tell her that I have been where she is and that self love is her greatest asset! Love and embrace what you see!


What does beauty look like? Join us throughout the month of March as we celebrate our second annual #BeautyLooksLikeME — showcasing beauty through the faces, stories and backgrounds of beautiful African American women. Beauty. Looks. Like. YOU! See it. Say it. Share it.

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Beauty Looks Like ME